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🦁🧡 Hey Explorer,

Safety concerns, particularly for solo travelers and especially for women, often hold many of us back from starting our Africa explorations.

Let’s dive into what makes Namibia a great place to stay and start your Africa explorations as a Digital Nomad. But let us also keep the challenges in mind.



Low Crime Rate Compared to many other countries, Namibia has a relatively low crime rate. What is important to most nomads: You can feel comfortable walking around Windhoek during the day, go for a run in the morning around your neighborhood or go for a hike, even by yourself without a group.  ⚠️ Crime Challenges Crimes in Windhoek mostly take place when you are not watching. Breaking into a car if there is an easy catch is the most common crime. Make sure to never leave any valuables unattended in bars, coffee shops or clubs. Walking home at night should rather be done in a group than by yourself.  ✅  Stable Electricity Unlike some neighboring countries, Namibia does not experience regular power cuts, ensuring you have consistent power for work and daily activities.

✅ Reliable Internet Many coffee shops and restaurants in Windhoek offer excellent internet connections. This provides remote workers with a variety of places to work from, featuring high-quality food at affordable prices. Windhoek has fiber internet connections usually between 90 - 150 Mb (e.g. 150 Mb fiber at the WildWifi Coliving Space), even up to 300 Mb depending on the location in Windhoek and the internet contract. With your phone you have a 4G connection around the city and affordable Data with local SIM Cards.  ⚠️ Internet Challenges Not all Airbnb’s have invested in internet upgrades yet. Make sure you ask the hosts to send you a speed test if you choose to stay at an Airbnb. For the African continent undersea cables play an important role in internet coverage. Occasionally, these cables may sustain damage, causing slower internet speeds across Western and Central Africa. 

✅ Safe City Transportation

Public transport is generally safe. Since the local “Uber” company LEFA was introduced in 2018, the public transport game changed to become safe and reliable. You can quickly and easily call a LEFA and have rides within the city for 1-3 Euros per ride. At night these rides become the safe way to get back home. You can even take a LEFA at night by yourself without a group. Just make sure at night you don’t wait outside for your taxi alone and your driver drops you off right at your doorstep and you’ll be safe and sound. 

✅ Accessible Healthcare

Healthcare in the capital Windhoek, Namibia, caters well to travelers. There are several private hospitals and clinics that offer good medical services. Make sure your health insurance covers your treatments while in Namibia. We recommend checking out “Passportcard”, an international health insurance for Digital Nomads. 

⚠️ Healthcare Challenges 

While cities like Windhoek have good healthcare facilities, rural areas might not. Having health issues in more rural areas, e.g. while exploring the country can lead to long distances to the next hospital.

✅ Road Infrastructure & Traffic

The road infrastructure in Windhoek is decent. The city has well-maintained tar roads that lead you through the city. The traffic is not crazy chaotic, it is quite calm outside the rush hours. Major routes, especially between the bigger cities and popular tourist destinations, are in good condition with paved roads as well.

⚠️ Road Infrastructure Challenges

The sidewalks in Windhoek are not that well maintained. They are very patchy and not very enjoyable to walk, also because of the hot weather. Walkability in Windhoek is generally not the best as the city is very spread out. You use more public transport than walking. However, WildWifi has the most cozy and vibing coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets and events in walking distance.

Outside the city, gravel roads can be challenging if you're not experienced with driving on sandy terrain. Don’t drive faster than 80 km/h on gravel roads to avoid rolling the car. Make sure to not drive outside the city at night, as animals start crossing the streets causing dangerous accidents. Also, one of the highest car accident reasons in Namibia outside the cities are dangerous overtaking maneuvers. 



✅ Everything is Set for your Stay and Arrival 

We help you organizing your arrival in Namibia. From consulting you with visas questions, over helping you to book the best airport shuttle, to getting the best sim card options and answering all your daily questions that might come up while living in Windhoek.

✅ Living in a Community means living in a Safe Environment

Staying in a community makes the experience in Windhoek way more relaxed and easy as there are always people to share a taxi ride day and night, to go for a run around the neighborhood in the morning or to safely go home with together at night. The reception of the hotel we are collaborating with is occupied 24/7 with a security guard at night.

✅ Local Insights and Recommendations

🧡Our community manager as well as the local lovely staff at our hotel reception will be there to help you out when you have questions or concerns e.g. Which hospital to choose, which pharmacy to go to, how to deal with the Ministry of Home Affairs if you have visa issues.

✅ Organized Social Activities 

Participating in group activities and excursions organized by WildWifi ensures you explore Namibia safely with trusted companions. Local tour guides ensure your safety and handle all the logistics as you explore the country.



Welcome to WildWifi - Namibia's premier coliving and coworking retreat for digital nomads! Join our community, staying in our comfortable coliving space in Windhoek, at one of the safest and most central locations. Enjoy reliable high-speed internet, uninterrupted power, and various community-driven events. Connect with fellow nomads and local friends while exploring Namibia's stunning landscapes in your free time. Our minimum 4-week stay ensures deep connections and unforgettable experiences.


Founder WildWifi


Let's have a quick chat to talk about traveling to Namibia as a digital nomad. I am happy to answer your questions! 

Christine  Founder WILDWIFI

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