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How to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa Namibia – A Step-by-Step Guide

Our coliving community manager Sabrina applied for the new Namibia Digital Nomad Visa in July 2023, and got it approved in September 2023. In her case, it took 3 months to get the visa approved. With this step-by-step guide written by Sabrina, you will be sure to get your Visa application approved with no hassle.

A short summary of what the Digital Nomad Namibia Visa is about

  1. Stay up to 6 months in Namibia and work as a remote worker or digital nomad.

  2. At just $124, it is one of the most cost-effective visas available for digital nomads.

  3. The application does not require an appointment with embassies, it is all online.

  4. Applicants must have a monthly income of more than $2,000 per month

Visa Application – Documents you need :

Download the document you need to fill out from the NIPDB Website here.

  1. Completion of visa application form (3-1/0033) signed by applicant

  2. Medical Certificate (3-1/0003)

  3. Radiological Report (31/0004)

  4. Certified Copy of passport

  5. Proof of Medical Insurance and/or comprehensive travel insurance

  6. Proof of Income/funds (Payslip/Employment Contract) to sustain yourself and dependants (USD 2000 – Applicant, USD 1000 – Accompany Spouse, USD 500 – per accompanying child per month)

  7. 6 Month Bank Statements

  8. Motivation letter from Employer (If you are self-employed, you write it yourself)

  9. Certified Copies of qualification

  10. Original/Notarized or Certified copy of Police Clearance from Country of Origin (translated into English)

The Process:

  1. Fill out all the forms

  2. Organize all the documents and translate them in English

  3. Send everything to:

  4. NIPDB will confirm that the documents have arrived

  5. As soon as everything is correct NIPDB sends everything to the Ministry of Home Affairs

  6. Make sure they send you a receipt from Ministry of Home Affairs

  7. Within 7 – 10 workdays you should get an answer from NIPDB about your visa application

When Visa is approved:

  1. You need to pay 2200 NAD (USD 120) before you enter the country

  2. Important Note: if you have friends who can pay for you in person it takes another 7 workdays until you get your visa, whereas if you pay via bank transfer it takes 20 workdays

  3. As soon as you get the visa from NIPDB you can organize your flight

When Visa got rejectet:

  1. It’s possible to reappeal.

  2. You need to pay a fee of 200 NAD (USD 11)

  3. Important Note: If possible let someone pay it in person at Ministry of Home Affairs, if you pay online it takes about 20 more workdays.

  4. Organize the documents who were missed/wrong

  5. Write a letter of apology (addressed to the Ministry of Home Affairs) where you include your explanation of why you made a mistake (ex. missing certification, documents not in English)

  6. Send everything to NIPDB

  7. They forward it to MIHA

  8. Wait another 7- 10 workdays

  9. Get an answer and if Ministry of Home Affairs approves your visa: same process like “When Visa is approved”

Important Tips:

  1. The time frame you write on your application form is fix, you cannot change it afterwards

  2. Calculate enough time for the whole process (especially if you don’t have friends in Namibia who can pay your fees in person) -> this way it would be more than 3 months

  3. The DN Visa is single entry (you can’t travel outside Namibia and enter again)

  4. You are not allowed to be in Namibia when you apply for the DN Visa (you will be rejected immediately)

  5. Don’t stress them (they will be extra slow then)

  6. Ask NIPDB always for a receipt of Ministry of Home Affairs

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